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Japanese Dream——Golden

Japanese Dream——Golden

  • Kimono with unique hand drawn paintings printed on the fabric.
  • The fabric is 100% Certified Eco Friendly 
  • The fabric is breathable and skin friendly 
  • The finishing is soft and silky. 
  • The height of the kimono is 118 cm.
  • The kimono has pockets.
  • Dry wash is recommended or washing with cold water.
  • The story of the print: In the expanse of a dreamscape, a woman found herself in the middle of a daydream. An otherworldly octopus gently and slowly approached her. She felt the friendly presence of the unusual creature and let its tentacles flow like silken threads, touching her skin and giving tiny kisses to every cell. Each touch was a symphony of sensations, tender yet profound, guiding her through a dance of pure, unadulterated pleasure. With each caress, the octopus whispered ancient wisdom, teaching her to embrace her desires without guilt or restraint. The woman felt her inhibitions dissolve, her essence awakening to the beauty of her sexuality. In that surreal realm, she discovered the freedom to love herself wholly, unburdened by shame, as the universe sang in harmony with her newfound liberation.
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